Skilled, biblical training in music and worship for the everyday Anabaptist.

Our Mission is to provide biblically sound and musically competent instruction for the conservative Anabaptist community. For details about specific camps, click below.

We Offer Training In

Music Fundamentals


Congregational Worship and Leadership


Choral Conducting


Music Education




We promote a biblical understanding of music in worship and the arts.

Serious discipleship involves our music. Discipleship calls us to increasing maturity both in our worship and in our daily music, whether creating or listening.

REACH 2019

We will be at REACH 2019 on March 21-22. We’d love to see you there!

Location: Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Valley Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601

Camp 2019 Registration

  • Adults: register to attend Ontario Camp, or join the waiting list in Virginia or Ohio.
  • Children: sign up in Ohio or Ontario, or join the waiting list in Virginia.

Welcome to our Website!

¬†If you have trouble locating something you’re looking for, or have suggestions or encouragement for us, please contact us:

Registration for 2019 is open!

Go to individual Camp Locations to sign up.

  • Ohio Camp: Sign up for Children’s Camp, or to be put on the waiting list for adult camp.
  • Ontario Camp: Room for children and adults. Check out the Ontario scholarship options!
  • Virginia Camp: Sign up to be put on the waiting list.

We offer instruction that will help the disciple of Jesus to

Love and desire wholesome music
Become a skillful singer and reader of great music
Value and promote a tradition of church singing

You Come To Us

We have 3 permanent camps

These camps each run for one week during the summer. Students attend from all over North and Central America.

We Come To You

Music Camp has grown wheels and wings. We now work with local churches and communities throughout North America to bring a mobile version of music camp to your congregation or community.

More information coming soon!

Ohio Camp

In the heart of Holmes County

Ontario Camp

A two hour drive from Niagara Falls

Virginia Camp

In the Shenandoah Valley

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