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Do you want to go deeper into the study of how music works? Have you wondered why certain intervals or chords sound the way they do? Or have you wished that you could become better equipped for composing music? Discover can help you.

This textbook is a sequel to Draw Near: Savoring and Singing the Presence of God. Draw Near teaches students to read and sing music at the level of congregational hymn-singing. This text, Discover: Encountering and Singing the Splendor of God, takes students a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of music.

Discover introduces harmony through the study of intervals and chords. Other areas of study include the circle of fifths, minor scales, and advanced rhythms. Students who complete this course of study will better understand the building blocks of music composition, and will be prepared to study Western harmony at a collegiate level.

  • Discover's lessons feature one or more songs for analysis, immediately putting theoretical concepts into a real-life context.
  • Written and sight-singing exercises accompany each lesson.
  • Numerous ear training exercises help students to identify and sing intervals and chords.
  • Appropriate for schools, Bible schools, and individuals.

The Teacher Key is also available for purchase.

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