Family Package

VA Camp’s Family Package is designed to make camp family-friendly, providing opportunities for both parents and all ages of children to participate at a discounted rate.

Parent 1

One parent participates as a full-time student, taking in the entire camp experience of chapel, classes, and choirs.

Parent 2

The second parent participates in a mixed choir. Childcare is provided during choir periods so both parents can attend.


Children (ages 7 and up) are part of children’s camp which includes choir and a musical skills class tailored for their age level. Childcare will be provided for children under age 7 during the morning and afternoon choir practices. 

Registration open: March 1 @ 6:00AM EST


    Adult Daily Schedule

    9:05Class Period 1
    Rudiments I-IV
    Choral Gesture
    Elementary Ed I
    Functional Harmony
    10:15Choir Rehearsal 1
    11:40Midday Interlude
    1:00Class Period 2
    Sight-Singing I-IV
    Intro to Choral Arranging
    2:10Choir Rehearsal 2
    3:30Class Period 3
    Class Voice
    Elementary Ed II
    Leading Congregational Worship
    Chamber Choir Rehearsal
    4:30Free Time
    6:15Mass Choir

    Children Daily Schedule

    At Calvary Mennonite Fellowship
    9:50Registration (Monday only)
    10:15Choir Rehearsal 1
    11:30Treble Choir Study Time
    Youth Choir Lunch & Recreation
    11:40Treble Choir Lunch & Recreation
    12:50Musical Skills I-III
    (optional Adult Sight Singing for age 13)
    1:00Sight Singing (ages 14-17)
    2:10Choir Rehearsal 2


    How do I sign up for the Family Package?

    There are two separate applications, one for parents and one for children. Fees will be split between these two applications. We suggest you complete the adult application first and follow the link to the children’s application.

    What age do my children need to be?

    These rates apply to children up to age 17. Children ages 18 years and older must apply as students.

    Where is the Family Package available?

    Family package is available at the Virginia Camp.

    Are Family Package participants eligible for scholarships?

    We love to see families participating in camp! Please be aware, however, that the Family Package is offered at an already discounted price and we are unable to offer additional scholarship help to FP participants.


    Application Fee

    Application Fees are nonrefundable, and applications will be processed only after the application fee has been received.

    Early Application: $90
    April 1:
    May 1: $140

    Children’s Camp Application Fee: $40

    Applications are accepted through May 15. We do not guarantee the availability of books and music for students applying after May 1.

    Private Registration Fee$50
    Students arriving after normal registration closes on the first day of Music Camp will need to make an appointment for private registration. Students may avoid this fee by arriving on time for registration.

    Tuition, Materials, & Lodging

    Tuition:  (Due May 1)

    • 2 Adults: $725

    • Children: $135 each

    Lodging: (Due with application)

    • $250 per couple

    • $75 per child

    Textbooks & Music: $50-$150 (Due with application)

    Textbooks and materials are available for purchase or, in some cases, rental. Exact cost will depend on the textbooks required for the classes you select and the music required for the choirs you are in.  You will be given the option of purchasing or renting your textbooks and purchasing your choir music when you complete the application.

    Refund Policy

    Camp Application Fees are nonrefundable.

    Tuition, Lodging, Music, and Book Fees are refundable (minus 10% transaction fees) through May 1.

    A 50% refund will be given through May 15. No refund will be given after May 15.

    If you are on the waiting list and we cannot accommodate you due to maximum enrollment, your card will not be charged.

    Make Checks Payable To

    SCMC Virginia
    57 S Main Street, Suite 309
    Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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