Are you needing a music curriculum that both honors God and engages students?

Would your students enjoy an approach that is based on singing rather than books?

The Music Curriculum Guide

helps teachers create a hands-on singing classroom that is filled with energy and enjoyment.


The Music Curriculum Guide is a set of online resources for teaching music. The Guide begins with the big picture, mapping what students should learn from Kindergarten to the time they graduate. It includes many tools such as teaching videos, manipulatives, songs, games, and worksheets.

This Guide will help students to … 
  • read and understand music
  • sing with enthusiasm and freedom
  • understand and embrace music as kingdom-building

What’s included?

Scope & Sequence

The scope and sequence lays out the map, an entire sequence of teaching musical concepts. These concepts are mapped out across grades K-12.

Concept Modules

Each concept on the Scope and Sequence needs a teaching strategy and tools. “Concept Modules” flesh out a strategy for teaching each musical concept. 

Each concept module includes:


A written overview of each concept, the Overview explains how everything in this module ties together.

Teacher Training Videos

These videos are live demonstrations in a real music classroom, taught by an experienced teacher.

  • Videos demonstrate how to engage students with delightful musical experiences that teach them a love for singing and wholesome music. 
  • The various concepts on the Scope and Sequence are taught in real life.
Songs and Song Games

Musical skills are best taught simply by singing songs and engaging in musical activities. 

  • A wide variety of carefully-selected songs and activities are suggested for each concept at each level. 
  • Teachers can choose and print songs that will work well in their own setting.

Downloadable student worksheets accompany various musical concepts.

Our goal is a K-12 guide, and we do have some resources for all ages. Our current focus, however, is on Levels K-6, with Levels K-1 being the most complete at this time. We will continue to add songs, worksheets, and videos in the coming school year. 

Why sign up? What are the benefits?


Online resources means you can learn while you teach – without traveling!


A broad range of songs and activities allows you to “fit to size” for your own community and culture.


These resources are “tried-and-true” tools for growing young people who know and love singing.


Teachers and students alike thoroughly enjoy the active and creative experience taught in this approach.


The scope & sequence is based on national music standards, interpreted and influenced by Anabaptist educators.


This approach helps teachers to systematically guide any student at any level through the steps of music learning.

What does it cost?

Your subscription helps us with the ongoing cost of development. 

per classroom per month

(max $25 per school per month)

The pilot program is a partnership, where we provide educational tools, and teachers give us feedback to help guide our ongoing development. 


We are launching a pilot program, and are making the Music Curriculum Guide available to educators for Fall 2020.
If you are interested, please contact us! 


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