A New Music Curriculum

literacy through singing

What is Sing for Joy?

Sing for Joy is a music curriculum that teaches music through singing in an energized and enjoyable learning environment.

Children learn by the teacher’s example. So the teacher’s singing and modeling of musical elements is the backbone of Sing for Joy.

This curriculum will help students to…

  • read and understand music
  • sing with enthusiasm and freedom
  • understand and embrace music as kingdom-building

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What’s included?

Elementary Scope & Sequence

The scope and sequence

  1. categorizes musical elements into three strands: rhythm, melody, and other elements
  2. orders these elements from simple to complex
  3. divides the sequence into seven levels


Each element on the Scope and Sequence needs a teaching strategy and materials. Therefore, each element has teacher resources and student materials organized into modules online.

For the teacher:

  • Teacher’s guides for each element

  • Recordings to learn songs by ear

  • Real-time video footage for learning teaching strategies

  • Planning templates: yearly, daily

For the student:

  • A curated collection of teaching songs

  • Manipulatives and worksheets

What is currently available?

Intro Level & Level 1

Two levels of this Elementary Curriculum, Intro Level – Level 1 will be ready in August 2020.

Continuing Development

Users will have access to additional resources and materials for the next levels as we develop them during the coming school year.

Future Levels

In the future, we plan to offer teacher resources and student materials for all ages and students in K-12.

Why sign up?


Online resources means you can learn while you teach – without traveling!


A broad range of songs and activities allows you to “fit to size” for your own community and culture.


These resources are “tried-and-true” tools for growing young people who know and love singing.


Teachers and students alike thoroughly enjoy the active and creative experience taught in this approach.


The scope & sequence is based on national music standards, interpreted and influenced by Anabaptist educators.


This approach helps teachers to systematically guide any student at any level through the steps of music learning.


Sing For Joy is now available to educators for Fall 2020, featuring the Intro Level and Level 1. Since this is a pilot program, we welcome your feedback to help guide ongoing development.

Join our pilot program!

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What does it cost?

Your subscription will give you access to Intro Level – Level 1, other resources and materials as they become available, and it will support the ongoing development of Sing for Joy.


per classroom per month
(max $25 per school per month)

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