As a non-profit organization, our tuition charges reflect the costs of running the camp and of gratefully acknowledging the time, effort, and experience our instructors bring. But we want to help teachers and pastors to be able to join us.  Thus, we are teaming up with donors to offer a variety of scholarships.

Partial Scholarships

We have a limited number of scholarships available. Please consider carefully before assuming that you qualify for a scholarship, which are specifically in place for those with financial need.

Full-time Teachers

$125 scholarship


Music Teachers

$75 scholarship


Ordained Ministers

$125 scholarship



Full-time teacher: Indicates that you are currently in the classroom a minimum of 30 hours a week, and plan to teach again next year. Home school teachers may be considered based on the same qualifications.

Music teachers: Those who teach music, but are not full-time teachers.

What to Expect

  • Only one scholarship per person or married couple will be considered.
  • On the application, check the box indicating you will be applying for a scholarship.
  • Because scholarship requests take some time to process, scholarship applicants should choose the Deposit Payment option.
  • If your request is approved, we will apply the scholarship amount to your account and the total you will pay on May 1 will be the adjusted amount (tuition minus your scholarship).
  • Applications must be submitted by March 31.

Full Scholarships

Full Scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, currently $330USD. These do not cover the cost of lodging, books, music, and so on.

The GEM Music Scholarship

The GEM Music Scholarship was established in memory of Geoffrey Elsworth Martin. Geoffrey had a great love for God-honoring music and especially enjoyed writing beautiful hymns. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition for one student and will be awarded annually. The GEM Music Scholarship is available to students meeting the following qualifications:


  • Be a member of a conservative Anabaptist brotherhood who demonstrates a passion for Christlikeness expressed in simplicity, modesty, and defenseless love.
  • Be interested in promoting hymns characterized by a classical, stately style.
  • Be committed to developing and maintaining a cappella singing for congregational worship.
  • Have a vision for using any personal development of music skills to inspire and enrich the musical experience of others by teaching music, composing songs, writing hymns, or generally lifting the standard of worship in song.
  • Be living on a reduced income either because of a disability or because of a decision to sacrifice money for Christian service.
  • Available only in Virginia Music Camp

The Congregational Music Scholarship

The Congregational Music Scholarship was established by the Windmill Farm Bake Shop in South Boston, VA.  The sponsors believe that powerful, God-honoring music is integral to corporate worship. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition for one student and will be awarded annually. The Congregational Music Scholarship is available to male students attending Virginia Music Camp who meet the following requirements:
  • Have a vision to enrich the worship in your church through powerful, God-honoring congregational music.
  • Have a passion for congregational music that is true, beautiful and enduring; and congregational singing that is engaging and authentic.
  • Take at least one of the Congregational Music classes.

The Missionary Scholarship

The Missionary Scholarship was established by a local business. This annually-awarded scholarship covers the cost of tuition for one student attending Virginia Music Camp.

The Missionary Scholarship is available to students living on a reduced income due to a commitment to serve in mission work.

Apply for a Scholarship

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