What is the CPP?


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CPP stands for Church Partnership Program. Our goal is to help congregations strengthen their worship.

The Church Partnership Program provides resources to churches who are wanting to grow in congregational singing that is engaged, enthusiastic, and thoughtful. This year we are testing this program with a number of congregations to see whether these might be useful more broadly:

  • Provide long-distance training to song leaders in engaging the congregation skillfully and thoughtfully. 
  • Commission new songs that are deeply biblical, but written in today’s English and today’s musical language. 
  • Provide a Weekend of Music for a volunteer choir to learn these new songs and record them. The recordings will then be given to each family in participating congregations to take home and learn for use in family and congregational worship. 

If you’re interested in being a part of this program next year, contact us!

Email: office@musiccamp.info

Katherine Mullet

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