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Choral Singing Textbook
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Are you looking for a classroom textbook for learning to read music and to acquire basic skills for singing in choir? This book is an introduction to sight singing and best practices for beginning choral singers. It helps singers to learn to read round notes in choral scores while practicing good tone and beautiful vowels. This text uses round notes based on absolute letter names (ABCDEFG). No solfege is printed in the text, but a teacher familiar with reading round notes in solfege can easily implement this. I have found this text effective for teaching Grade 7-8 students.

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Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9780793543298

Why We Like It


It's Accessible

Progressive sight singing exercises provide pacing accessible to beginning students.

It's Comprehensive

It includes rudiments, voice builders, sight singing exercises, and even sacred and secular pieces suitable for performance.

It's Thorough

Its many exercises and review sections ensure that students master the material.
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