Follow Me: Singing the Words of Jesus

Follow Me: Singing the Words of Jesus is a book of 54 songs taken from the sayings and parables of Jesus. Suitable for all ages, these songs present Jesus’ message simply and meaningfully. See some of these songs on YouTube!

We believe that children who are soaked in scripture from their earliest childhood are well on their way to knowing, fearing, and loving the Lord. We envision families who sing scripture together and whose children are being shaped through story and song to respond in love and obedience to God. This book is a resource for families, churches, and schools who share these goals.

All texts and tunes are intended to be easy to memorize and to appeal to different ages and groups. The vocabulary and syntax should be readily understandable by third- to fifth-grade students, yet neither texts nor tunes are merely childish or unworthy of interest by older children and adults.

Sing these songs around the supper table, hum them as you do your work, or sing them at church or school. All tunes have melodies that can stand on their own, and many tunes can be sung in a variety of voicings. A majority of the tunes in this book are well-suited to four-part hymn-singing, and a few are especially suited for a music program.

Our intent is for song texts to stick closely to the primary points of each of Jesus’ sayings. In this book, we invite you to encounter Jesus with us through the beautiful and life-giving mediums of scripture and song.

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