Ontario Camp

SCMC Ontario is committed to musical excellence and spiritual vitality. We welcome you to experience the beauty of God and the challenge of building musical skills, all in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.


Covid-19 News

Ontario Camp is scheduled to run as usual in 2022, at the normal dates. Check back here for more updates.

Last updated 8/13/2021

Ontario Camp 2022

Dates: July 24-31

Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Chapel. Class. Choir.

Biblical Challenge. Musical understanding. Choral training.


Opening Weekend

Sunday, July 26, 2020
7:00Opening Assembly & Orientation
7:45Community Hymn Sing
9:15Camper Reception

Monday - Friday

8:20Class Period 1
Rudiments I-IV
Leading Cong. Worship
10:35Choir Rehearsal 1
1:10Class Period 2
Sight-Singing I-IV
Class Voice
2:20Choir Rehearsal 2
3:40Class Period 3
Class Voice
Voice Leading
Choral Rehearsal Techniques
Elementary Ed I
6:15Women's Choir Rehearsal
Men's Choir Rehearsal
7:30Mass Choir Rehearsal

Closing Weekend

Saturday, August 1, 2020
9:30Mixed Choir Rehearsal
1:30Choir Rehearsals on Stage
7:00Dress Rehearsal
Sunday, August 2, 2020
9:30Worship Service
12:40Choirs Rehearse
3:00Choral Festival
7:00Choral Festival


How old must I be to attend Music Camp?

Ontario Camp adult students must be at least 16 years of age. Children ages 7-15 may participate in Children’s Camp.

Should I have music training prior to attending?
No previous instruction is necessary. This camp is for anyone who is interested in taking their musical abilities to the next level. The starting place is less important than the desire to learn and the willingness to be taught. Our goal is simply to help each person attending take “the next step” forward in their pursuit of excellence.
What classes should a first-year student take?
We recommend that students begin their music study with Rudiments and Sight Singing alongside choir participation.
How many classes should I plan to take?

Due to homework assignments and the full schedule, we recommend enrolling in two classes.

Will I have homework?
Homework is a regular requirement of SCMC classes. Because the schedule is full and study time is minimal, campers should plan to use one class period as a regular study period.
May I change class selections after I’ve enrolled?

Changes to class selections are permitted until June 15 for Ontario Camp, after which a $25 fee will be charged. Desired changes should be directed to the Ontario registrar via the Contact Us page. Changes requested by instructors during the camp week will incur no charge.

What choir will I sing in?
SCMC campers participate in both a mixed choir and mass mixed choir. Choir members complete a questionnaire (choir rubric) which guides the process of creating balanced choirs. Students may also participate in the Mass Men’s and Mass Women’s choirs if they care to do so. See the  Choirs page for more details about the choirs.
When is the application deadline?

Applications will be accepted through the July 10. However, applications received after May 1 will incur an additional fee,  $35 CDN/$25 USD, to cover additional processing expenses. Applications received after June 15 will incur an additional fee of $70 CDN/$50 USD fee. We do not guarantee the availability of books and music for students applying after June 15.

What are my options for lodging?

Lodging for the week is available in area homes Sunday – Sunday (8 nights). Lodging before or after these dates may be arranged upon request. If you prefer, you may arrange your own lodging.

Does the Ontario camp have a Family Package?

Yes! We have a special setup just for families. Visit our Family Package page for details.


Application Fee

Application Fees are nonrefundable, and applications will be processed only after the application fee has been received.

Early Application: $95 CDN / $85 USD
May 1: $130 CDN / $110 USD
June 15: $165 CDN / $135 USD
Applications are accepted through July 10. We do not guarantee the availability of books and music for students applying after June 15.

Private Registration Fee$50
Students arriving after normal registration closes on the first day of Music Camp will need to make an appointment for private registration. Students may avoid this fee by arriving on time for registration.

Tuition, Materials, & Lodging

Tuition: $430 CDN / $330 USD (Due July 10)
Lodging: $145 CDN / $115 USD (Due with application)
Textbooks & Music: $65-$195 CDN / $50-$150 USD (Due with application)

Textbooks and materials are available for purchase or, in some cases, rental. Exact cost will depend on the textbooks required for the classes you select and the music required for the choirs you are in.  You will be given the option of purchasing or renting your textbooks and purchasing your choir music when you complete the application.

Certificate Program

Our Certificate Program helps you plan out your studies at Music Camp.


  • The first year fee:
    • BASIC – $60 CDN/$45 USD
    • STANDARD – $85 CDN/$65 USD
  • The annual fee for the years until the certificate is completed is $45 CDN / $35USD.  
  • You may choose classes yourself or ask for assistance.
  • Find more details on the Certificates page.

All fees are due with application including an application fee of $25 CDN/ $20 USD. Applications are accepted through July 10. We do not guarantee the availability of books and music for students applying after June 15.

  • Class: $95 CDN / $85 USD
  • Mixed Choir: $155 CDN / $125 USD (Includes choir music & folder)
  • Mass Choir: $60 CDN / $50 USD (Includes music & folder)
  • Men’s/Women’s Choir: $40 CDN / $30 USD (Includes music & folder)

Meals are included with tuition for full-time campers. Part-time campers may purchase a meal package when filling out their application (payment due with application). Choir Only students receive supper on both Saturday and Sunday of ChoralFest weekend.

  • Lunch Package (M-F): $55 CDN / $45 USD
  • Supper Package (M-F): $65 CDN/ $50 USD
  • Sunday Lunch: $12 CDN / $10 USD
Refund Policy

Camp Application Fees are nonrefundable.

Tuition, Lodging, Music, and Book Fees are refundable (minus 5% transaction fees) through July 10.

No refund will be given after July 10.

If you are on the waiting list and we cannot accommodate you due to maximum enrollment, your card will not be charged.

Make Checks Payable To
SCMC of Ontario
3745 Herrgott Rd
Hawkesville, ON N0B 1X0, Canada



Music Camp isn’t just for adults. It’s for children too! Classes, choir, games, and more are waiting for your children when they attend Music Camp.

Dress Code

The dress code can catch people by surprise, so be sure to take a good look.

The goal of our dress code is to reflect the beauty of Jesus Christ in our personal appearance. We hope to promote biblical modesty and propriety, and to enhance an atmosphere of serious and disciplined study. Please follow your local congregation’s standards wherever they exceed those of Camp.

Men, please:

  • Wear dress pants and full-button shirts with tails tucked in during the camp day. Blue jeans are allowed for recreational activities.
  • Do not wear neckties.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Keep hair neatly trimmed.
Program Attire
  • Solid-colored black dress pants.
  • White long-sleeved dress shirt.
  • Black belt, socks, and dress shoes.

Women, please:

  • Wear dresses or jumpers without slits.
  • Have sleeve lengths be a minimum of near the elbow and skirt length be at least half way between knees and ankles.
  • Ensure necklines are near the base of your neck.
  • Wear shoes or sandals (no flip-flops).
  • Cover your hair with a veiling.
Program Attire
  • Loose-fitting, solid-colored black dress (no pinstripes or pattern).
  • Hosiery and black dress shoes.
  • Sleeves at or below the elbow.


Join Our Mailing List

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Several scholarships are available. For qualification and signup details, visit our Scholarships page.

Ontario Family Package

We have a special setup just for families. Visit our Family Package page for details.

Certificate Program

Our Certificate Program helps you plan your studies so you can work toward a Music Camp certificate. For requirements and signup details, visit our Certificates page.


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