Children’s Camp

Children’s Camp is a great opportunity for children and youth ages 8-15 to get to sing. They have a choir experience where they get to sing with other children under a capable director who will make it both educational and fun. They will also get to take a class which will help them read and understand music like they learned to read and understand words when they were younger.


In choir students see the music, notes, rests, and rhythms. In class they learn what those things mean and how they work together to form a song. The class teachers work hard to customize material for each age level so it’s accessible and exciting.


Camp is also a social experience. Lunches are provided, and everyone gets to eat together. Lunch time also includes recreation and games – a welcome break from the mental work of classes and choir.


All the learning and singing during the week is pushing toward an end goal – performing at ChoralFest, getting to share what they’ve been learning with family and other audience members. This is a highly satisfying chance to show what they did throughout the week.

 We’re sorry! Camp has been cancelled due to Covid-19.


Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Choir. Class. ChoralFest.


Children’s Choir meets twice daily, Monday-Friday, and is for children ages 8-11 singing in treble voices.  Students enrolled in choir are expected to participate in the ChoralFest including the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening.

Conductor: Gwendolyn Good

Youth Choir meets twice daily, Monday-Friday, and is for children ages 12-15.  Students enrolled in choir are expected to participate in the ChoralFest including the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening.

Conductor: Sarah Sommers


When we first start school, we learn about letters, how letters form words, and how words form sentences. In musical skills class, we do the same thing – only with music. Students will learn about notes, rhythms, rest, pitches, and how they all fit together to form a song. Learning how music works will strengthen their choir experience as they get skills to help them read unfamiliar music.

Class placement is by age, and is designed to be within reach of all, and yet challenging to those who are more advanced.

Musical Skills I (ages 8-10)
Musical Skills II (ages 11-12)
Musical Skills III (ages 13-15)

Instructors: Deana Swanson, Sarah Sommers, Cynthia Mast
Textbooks: none

Adult Class Option. At no extra cost, students from ages 14-15 may choose to take an online test and be placed into an Adult Sight Singing class (view class description here). This class will require purchasing or renting the Sight-Singing textbook.


All students enrolled in choir sing in the ChoralFest, including the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, children should be at the ChoralFest venue at 4:45 p.m. for practice and dress rehearsal. 

On Sunday, the formal ChoralFest begins at 3:00 p.m. Children should be at the ChoralFest venue by 1:20 pm, dressed in their formal choir attire.

Children should bring games and books to occupy themselves quietly during and between programs. Following the afternoon program, supper will be served. After dismissal of the evening program, children are once again the responsibility of their parents.



At Legacy Christian School
9:00Registration Opens (Monday only)
10:15Choir Rehearsal
11:40Lunch Break
12:40Musical Skills Classes or SS I-IV
1:50Choir Rehearsal


At ChoralFest venue
5:00Children's Choir Rehearsal
7:00Dress Rehearsal


At ChoralFest location
1:00Children's Choirs Arrive in concert attire
1:40Children's Choirs Rehearsal


What ages are allowed in Children's Camp?

Ages 8-15 are welcome.

Do my children need to wear concert uniform at dress rehearsal?
No, their daily class uniform will be fine.

Dress Code

  • Follow camp dress guidelines as much as possible.
  • Wear shoes or sandals. Do not go barefoot or wear flip flops.
  • Do not wear T-shirts (boys).

Program Attire

  • Solid-colored black pants and white shirts for boys
  • Black dresses for girls. If black is unavailable, a dark solid is acceptable.



Application Fee: $20 (non-refundable)

Tuition Options: 

  • Children’s Camp: $90 (includes choir & music, lunches, Musical Skills class, and suppers for the Closing Weekend)
Make Checks Payable To

Shenandoah Christian Music Camp
14641 Navarre Road SW
Wilmot, OH 44689

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