Mobile Camps

Skilled, biblical training in music and worship brought into your church community.

What goes on at Mobile Camps?

Classes. Choirs. Congregational Sessions.

Biblical Challenge. Musical understanding. Choral training.



Are music notes and the do-re-mi’s a mystery to you? In Rudiments classes, we look at how written music works. 


Do you wish you could simply pick up a new song and sing it? In Sight-Singing class you will learn to sing music at sight, just like you read a newspaper or book out loud. 

Congregational Class

This class uses SCMC’s new Congregational Curriculum, which is designed to teach congregations a basic understanding of biblical worship, basic singing skills, and basic shaped-note reading skills.

Leading Congregational Worship

This class examines essential components of leading congregational worship with a two-part focus: 1) practices of song leading and congregational conducting and 2) understanding and leading worship.  Discussions may also include planning, clear communication of musical ideas, deportment, and use of the hymnal.  A portion of the class will include hands-on practice where participants conduct in class for instructor and peer review.  As this class specifically trains congregational leaders, it is open only to men.

Experience the joy of singing in a group that challenges you but meets you at your level.  Choir is a fun way to put the things you’re learning in Rudiments and Sight-Singing into practice. 

Adult Mixed Choirs

Children’s Choirs

Mass Choirs



Congregational Sessions


In chapel we explore God, music, and worship. We consider how the Bible teaches us to think about the questions surrounding music and worship, and how to respond to God in love and obedience.

 Congregational Workshops

These workshops are focused specifically on growing congregational singing skills. They will cover things such as hymn book skills (what good is the index, anyway?), basics of singing well, shaped-note sight-singing skills, and more!

How long is a mobile camp?

We offer two options: the Four-Day Intensive Camp and the Full-Week Camp. 

Four-Day Intensive

Thursday – Sunday. Includes Rudiments, Sight-Singing, Choir(s), and evening congregational sessions.


Tuesday – Sunday. Includes Rudiments, Sight-Singing, Leading Congregational Worship, Choir, and evening congregational sessions. 

What are people saying about mobile camps?

“I think the mobile camps are top notch. It takes a level of excellence in instruction and theory to people that may not be able to travel and seek it out. In our community, it’s been exciting for me to see renewed vision for worship in music in people that haven’t historically invested in musical development. After our mobile camp, one student said he pulled out his pitch pipe for the first time in many years and enjoyed learning more about songs and how they are sung. Another student said he and his wife enjoyed music camp very much and “if they can do it, anybody can!” These “everyday Anabaptists” experienced something at our mobile camp that will continue to shape and invigorate the music of our church in the future, and I’m excited about and grateful for that!”

— Shane, Kansas Camp Administrator

Why host a mobile camp?

You may want to host a mobile camp if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are your members wishing to grow musically? 
  • Does your congregational singing ever lack participation or enthusiasm?
  • Do any of your song leaders need leadership and music training? 
  • Do you dream of bringing music training and opportunities to your own people?  


    How much does a mobile camp cost?

    Mobile Camps are considerably less expensive than PermaCamps. The cost per student at a mobile camp is less than half of what it costs for a permanent camp. A mobile camp coming to your home community can cost a total of $3500-$12,000. Because of the work done by the home community, this usually translates into a per-student cost of $100-$150. (PermaCamps cost students around $500, including tuition and lodging.)

    How does hosting a mobile camp work?

    SCMC works with you and your committee through the entire process of planning your camp.

    We provide:

    1. instructors
    2. application process
    3. publicity materials
    4. procedures (how to run camp, dress code, etc.)

    You come up with:

    1. a committee to work on your camp
    2. the facilities and necessary equipment
    3. meals
    4. lodging, if needed
    How many students are needed?

    Mobile camps are designed for entire churches or communities, young and old. Typical enrollment is 50-200 students.

    What time of year can we host a mobile camp?

    We do our best to work with your schedule, but camp dates depend largely on when instructors are available to travel to your community.

    How soon can I get a mobile camp in my community?

    Mobile Camps have a lot of moving parts, so it does take some time to set them up. Often it takes communication with your community, then again with us, and so on. It’s best to be in conversation a year ahead of time, but in a “best case scenario” a mobile camp can be brought to your community in 6-8 months from our first conversation.

    I'm interested in more information! What do I do now?

    Contact us!


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