Idaho Mobile Camp


January 24-27, 2019


Kootenai Valley Mennonite Church – Bonners Ferry, Idaho


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Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Chapel. Class. Choir.

Biblical Challenge. Musical knowledge. Choral training.

Chapels, Classes & Choirs


In chapel we explore God, music, and worship. We consider how the Bible teaches us to think about the questions surrounding
music and worship, and how to respond to God in love and obedience. There are also Congregational Workshops in the evening. Both Chapel and the Congregational Workshops are open to the public! We’d love to see lots of people there.


Join the choir and experience the joy of singing in a group; students say it’s their favorite part of camp! Choir is a fun way to put the things you’re learning in Rudiments and Sight-Singing into practice.

One Adult Choir


It’s important that you get in the right level of Rudiments, so you are neither bored nor overwhelmed. Below is an overview of what is taught at each level.

Rudiments 1

  • Treble and bass clefs; note names and pitches
  • Grand staff
  • Ledger lines
  • Note values (Sixteenth, eighth, quarter, dotted half, etc.)
  • Rests
  • Musical markings: dynamics, tempo, repeats
  • Flats, sharps, and naturals
  • Time signatures, including 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

Rudiments 2

  • Whole and half steps
  • Major scales
  • Key signatures
  • Chromatic scale
  • Compound time (3/8, 6/8 etc)
  • DC, DS, coda, fine

If you sign up for Rudiments 2, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class.

Sight Singing

Sight Singing aims to help you read new music as easily as you read a newspaper. Students learn various tips to help in sight reading, and have opportunities to practice skills through class exercises. All students will take placement test for Sight-Singing.

Lodging Information

If you need lodging, the camp would be happy to arrange that for you. You can select that option on your application, and they will be in contact with you.

If you need lodging and would prefer to stay in a hotel, you can check out these local options:

                                                                                                                                                                     Bonner’s Ferry Log Inn: 855-516-1090 

                                                                                                                                                                     Kootenai River Inn: 866-238-4218

Dress Code

Thursday - Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

The final program will be part of the Sunday Morning service at the church. Church begins at 10:00. There will be Sunday School, followed by the choir presenting their songs, followed by a time of congregational singing and a sermon. All are welcome!

Lunch will be provided for the campers after the service. 

Meet your Instructors

Lloyd Kauffman

Lloyd Kauffman

West Jefferson, OH

Lloyd has been a music instructor at Sarasota Christian School (Florida), Rosedale Bible Institute (Ohio) and Daystar University (Nairobi, Kenya). He holds a BA in Music Education (Eastern Mennonite College, 1971), and an MA in Music Education with a choral conducting / vocal concentration (Ohio State University, 1987). He directed the Rosedale Chorale and other school/community choirs during his active teaching years, later served as an itinerant music resource for various congregations in Germany, directed the Hope Singers (Poland) from 2004-2018, and continues periodic musical activities and teaching ranging from weekend events to choral tours. He is self-employed as a choral arranger and composer (, choral / vocal resource person, painter, handyman and commercial driver. He enjoys a variety of historic and international music, along with private aviation, motorcycling, mechanical tinkering, travel, and more. He is married to Mary (Slabaugh), formerly from Hartville, OH.

Anthony Glick

Anthony Glick

Philadelphia, PA

Anthony is a music educator and composer.  He is a graduate of the Teacher Apprenticeship Program at Faith Builders Training Institute and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Eastern University.  His teaching responsibilities include directing the choir and teaching music for grades 1-8 at Pequea Christian School, coaching beginning piano students, and offering occasional music classes for home schoolers.  He loves to guide his students toward meaningful encounters with music and is constantly looking for ways to expand his knowledge and hone his craft.  Currently he is studying composition, orchestration, and arranging with Dr. David Bryant.  In addition to his musical work, Anthony is employed at a farmers’ market, where he enjoys interacting with a variety of people and composing music in his head while he works.  Besides music, he enjoys literature, running, basketball, urban exploration, coffee and conversation with his wife Jessica, and imaginative play with his son Anton.

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