Kansas Mobile Camp

Music Camp is coming to Central Kansas!

When and Where

July 11-14, 2019

Pleasantview Activity Center and Pilgrim Christian School, Hutchinson, KS


For the Conservative Mennonite Churches of Reno County

Children & adults ages 6 – 115


Contact: Cindy Peters

Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Classes. Choirs. Chapel.

Biblical Challenge. Musical understanding. Choral training.


Sight Singing

Sight Singing aims to help you read new music as easily as you read a newspaper. Students learn various tips to help in sight reading, and have opportunities to practice skills through class exercises. All students will take placement test for Sight-Singing.


It’s important that you get in the right level of Rudiments, so you are neither bored nor overwhelmed.

  • Rudiments 1: Notation – a study of the elements of basic notation, simple time signatures, note and rest values, and accidentals.
  • Rudiments 2: Scales & Keys – a study of major scales, major key signatures, and compound time signatures. If you sign up for Rudiments 2, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class.
  • Rudiments 3: Intervals – a study of intervals and minor scales. If you sign up for Rudiments 3, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class. 
Leading Congregational Worship

This class examines essential components of leading congregational worship with a two-part focus: 1) practices of song leading and congregational conducting and 2) understanding and leading worship.  Discussions may also include planning, clear communication of musical ideas, deportment, and use of the hymnal.  A portion of the class will include hands-on practice where participants conduct in class for instructor and peer review.  As this class specifically trains congregational leaders, it is open only to men.

Class Voice

An introduction to the concepts and practices of healthy tension-free singing. Areas of study will include developing controlled breathing, phonation that is neither pressed nor breathy, focused resonance, and crisp articulation. Students will sing for, analyze, and critique each other.

Children's Musical Skills

When we first start school, we learn about letters, how letters form words, and how words form sentences. In musical skills class, we do the same thing – only with music. Students will learn about notes, rhythms, rest, pitches, and how they all fit together to form a song. Learning how music works will strengthen their choir experience as they get skills to help them read unfamiliar music.

Join the choir and experience the joy of singing in a group; students say it’s their favorite part of camp! Choir is a fun way to put the things you’re learning in Rudiments and Sight-Singing into practice.


2 Adult Mixed Choirs

Adult Mass Choir

2 Children’s Choirs



In chapel we explore God, music, and worship. We consider how the Bible teaches us to think about the questions surrounding
music and worship, and how to respond to God in love and obedience.

These sessions are open to the public – all are welcome!

Thursday, July 11, 7:30 pm

Friday, July 12, 7:30 pm

Dress Code

For classes, please wear business or dressy-casual clothes. No jeans, please. Children should follow adult dress code as closely as is reasonable. 

Women’s Program Attire: black dress, black shoes

Men’s Program Attire: black pants, white shirt, black shoes



Questions? Need more information? Please contact:

Cindy Peters


Who is this camp for?

This Mobile Camp is specifically for the following congregations: 

Center, Cedar Crest, Arlington, Prairie Chapel, Word of Life, Plainview, and Cornerstone.

What ages can come to camp?

Children’s Camp: ages 6-14

Adult Camp: ages 15-115

Moible Camps are not just for youth. We want to provide training in music and worship for the entire church body, young and old, at any level of experience.

What meals are provided at camp?

Lunch and Supper will be provided Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Supper will provided on Sunday. 

Can I sign up as a part-time student?

There are two registration options. You can either sign up to be a full-time student, or you can sign up for Mass Choir only. 

How much does camp cost?

Children – $30

Adult Camper – $130

Mass Choir Only – $75

Do I have to pay right away when I sign up?

You do not have to pay the full amount when you sign up. You can choose to make only a deposit payment (half of full cost). The rest of the payment will automatically be charged to you on July 1. 

When does registration close?

Early Registration opens March 15 with a $10 early-bird discount!

General Registration opens April 1st and closes May 15. 

Is any lodging provided?

Since this camp is primarily for the local community, there are no lodging options provided. Please contact the Kansas Administration with questions. 

Closing Progam

All five choirs will present the pieces they’ve learned. 

Location: Pleasantview Activity Center

Time: Sunday, July 14, 7:00 pm

Meet Your Instructors

Anthony Glick

Anthony Glick

Philadelphia, PA

Anthony is a music educator and composer living in Philadelphia, PA.  He is a graduate of the Teacher Apprenticeship Program at Faith Builders Training Institute and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Eastern University.  His teaching responsibilities include directing the choir and teaching music for grades 1-8 at Pequea Christian School, coaching beginning piano students, and offering occasional music classes for home schoolers.  He loves to guide his students toward meaningful encounters with music and is constantly looking for ways to expand his knowledge and hone his craft.  Currently he is studying composition, orchestration, and arranging with Dr. David Bryant.  In addition to his musical work, Anthony is employed at a farmers’ market, where he enjoys interacting with a variety of people and composing music in his head while he works.  Besides music, he enjoys literature, running, basketball, urban exploration, coffee and conversation with his wife Jessica, and imaginative play with his son Anton.

Franklin Miller

Franklin Miller

Dover, OH

Franklin, Brittany, and Willow love to travel play board games, sample quality food, and make new friends. When he is not in front of a choir, he loves to smoke meat, entertain guests, and make his daughter and fun-loving wife laugh! Franklin graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Music from Kent State University where he served as the assistant for Kent Chorus. Franklin is the conductor of Minerva Community Choir, Voice of Light Chorale, and has guest conducted the Ohio Men's Choral Festival, Kent State Chorus, and Oasis Chorale. He is currently teaching grades 1-12 music and choir at Legacy Christian School and Gospel Haven Academy as well as private voice lessons. As a chorister, he has sung with various choirs and is currently serving as the East-Central Chair for the Ohio Choral Directors Association. Franklin strives to bring life and energy to the rehearsal process with the firm belief that music making should be inspiring, God-honoring....and fun!

Lloyd Kauffman

Lloyd Kauffman

West Jefferson, OH

Lloyd has been a music instructor at Sarasota Christian School (Florida), Rosedale Bible Institute (Ohio) and Daystar University (Nairobi, Kenya). He holds a BA in Music Education (Eastern Mennonite College, 1971), and an MA in Music Education with a choral conducting / vocal concentration (Ohio State University, 1987). He directed the Rosedale Chorale and other school/community choirs during his active teaching years, later served as an itinerant music resource for various congregations in Germany, directed the Hope Singers (Poland) from 2004-2018, and continues periodic musical activities and teaching ranging from weekend events to choral tours. He is self-employed as a choral arranger and composer (lillychapelpress.com), choral / vocal resource person, painter, handyman and commercial driver. He enjoys a variety of historic and international music, along with private aviation, motorcycling, mechanical tinkering, travel, and more. He is married to Mary (Slabaugh), formerly from Hartville, OH.

Nolan Martin

Nolan Martin

Quarryville, PA

Nolan taught music and directed the Faith Chorale at Faith Mennonite High School for twenty years. He is now employed as a software developer, but enjoys opportunities to sing and teach music on the side. He graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Music Education. He has sung with numerous choirs including the Sharon Singers, Faith Builders Chorale, Oasis Chorale, and Hope Singers. He enjoys reading, listening to audio books, promoting Anabaptist thought, traveling, and coaching volleyball and basketball. He and his wife, Alena, live in Quarryville, PA with their one daughter, Carita. They attend Rawlinsville Mennonite Church where Nolan serves as pastor.

Registration is open – sign up now!

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