Kansas Mobile Camp

Music Camp is coming to Central Kansas!

When and Where

July 18-21, 2024

Pleasantview Activity Center &
Pilgrim Christian School
Hutchinson, KS


Children (8-14) & Adults (15-100)

The community is welcome to attend the evening workshops:
Thursday and Friday, 7:30pm


Contact: Sheri Nisly
Phone: (620) 615-2954
[email protected]

Registration is open May 1-June 15

Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Classes. Choirs. Chapel.

Biblical Challenge. Musical understanding. Choral training.



It’s important that you get in the right level of Rudiments, so you are neither bored nor overwhelmed.

  • Rudiments 1: Notation – a study of the elements of basic notation, simple time signatures, note and rest values, and accidentals.

  • Rudiments 2: Scales & Keys – a study of major scales, major key signatures, and compound time signatures. If you sign up for Rudiments 2, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class.

  • Rudiments 3: Intervals – a study of intervals and minor scales. If you sign up for Rudiments 3, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class.

Sight Singing

Sight Singing aims to help you read new music as easily as you read a newspaper. Students learn various tips to help in sight reading, and have opportunities to practice skills through class exercises. Students in levels 2 and 3 will take a placement test for Sight Singing.

Leading Congregational Worship

This class examines essential components of leading congregational worship with a two-part focus: 1) practices of song leading and congregational conducting and 2) understanding and leading worship. Discussions may also include planning, clear communication of musical ideas, deportment, and use of the hymnal. A portion of the class will include hands-on practice where participants conduct in class for instructor and peer review. As this class specifically trains congregational leaders, it is open only to men.

Class Voice

An introduction to the concepts and practices of healthy tension-free singing. Areas of study will include developing controlled breathing, phonation that is neither pressed nor breathy, focused resonance, and crisp articulation. Students will sing for, analyze, and critique each other.

Children's Musical Skills

When we first start school, we learn about letters, how letters form words, and how words form sentences. In musical skills class, we do the same thing – only with music. Students will learn about notes, rhythms, rest, pitches, and how they all fit together to form a song. Learning how music works will strengthen their choir experience as they get skills to help them read unfamiliar music.

Join the choir and experience the joy of singing in a group; students say it’s their favorite part of camp! Choir is a fun way to put the things you’re learning in Rudiments and Sight-Singing into practice.


Two Adult Mixed Choirs

Adult Mass Choir

2 Children’s Choirs


Congregational Workshops

A workshop involves practicing singing skills as a congregation. It will strengthen your congregation’s singing ability while introducing important musical concepts and hymn book skills that will help grow your church singing. All students will attend congregational workshops.

These sessions are also open to the public – all are welcome!

Learning Healthy Singing – Thursday, July 18, 7:30 PM

Singing & Saying the Words of God – Friday, July 19, 7:30 PM

Dress Code

For Classes:
MEN. Please wear full-button shirts, tails tucked in, with dressy/casual pants. Keep hair neatly trimmed.
WOMEN. Wear loose-fitting dresses or dressy tops and skirts (no slits, please) with sleeve lengths at least halfway between shoulder and elbow and skirt length below knees. Necklines should be near the base of your neck. Cover your hair with your church-prescribed veiling.
CHILDREN. Please follow the adult dress code as closely as is reasonable. Do not wear t-shirts with logos or writing, please. For program attire, if black is unavailable, a dark solid is acceptable.

Program Attire: Women, please wear a black dress with black shoes. Men, please wear black pants, white long-sleeved dress shirt, and black shoes.



Questions? Need more information? Please contact:

Sheri Nisly
(620) 615-2954
[email protected]


What ages can come to camp?

Children: ages 8-11
Youth: ages 12-14
Adults: ages 15-100

Mobile Camps are not just for youth. We want to provide training in music and worship for the entire church body, young and old, at any level of experience.

What meals are provided at camp?

Lunch and supper are provided for full-time adult students.

No meals are provided for the children and youth, except for Sunday’s supper.

Can I sign up as a part-time student?

Yes, you may sign up as a part-time student and choose one class to attend and whether you would like to join Mass Choir. Read the application and schedules thoroughly! Some classes are held for two class periods a day, and get switched around on Saturday.

There is also a Mass Choir Only option for those who wish to simply join a choir.

How much does camp cost?

Child/Youth Camper (ages 8-14): $85

Adult Camper (age 15+): $205

Part-Time Camper (age 15+): $205

Mass Choir Only: $105

Food costs are not included in the above prices.
For those who pay by credit card, non-refundable fees will be added to your amount owing.

Do I have to pay right away when I sign up?

You do not have to pay the full amount when you sign up. You can choose to make only a deposit payment (half of full cost). The rest of the payment will automatically be charged to you on July 1.

When does registration close?

Registration opens May 1 and closes June 15.

Is any lodging provided?

Since this camp is primarily for the local community, there are no lodging options provided. Please contact the Kansas Administration with questions.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is available for children ages 0-7 whose parents are full-time, part-time, or mass choir only students. The cost of childcare is $15/child per day and includes lunch and/or supper.

Contact Crystal Miller (620-899-2988, [email protected]) with questions concerning childcare.

Can I get a refund?

In the event of a cancellation, 50% of your tuition fee will be retained to help with the cost of processing your application.

Student Learning Files (coming soon)

Closing Program

All five choirs will present the pieces they’ve learned. 

Location: Pleasantview Activity Center

Time: Sunday, July 21, 7:00 PM

Meet Your Instructors

Regina Brubaker

Regina Brubaker

Harrisonburg, VA

Regina Brubaker is a music educator, pianist, and choir director with a particular interest in pedagogy. She graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Music, Music Education concentration (2015) and is a certified Kodály educator (2022). Involved in elementary education for 20 years, Regina has taught general music and choir in K-12 at Calvary Christian Academy and conducted multiple seasons of the children’s choir of Valley Arts Society. She is currently writing the Sing for Joy elementary music curriculum, teaching private lessons from her home studio, and working in the SCMC Central Office. Moments of leisure are spent in the garden, reading, dabbling with colors, messing with textures, encountering God through His Word and creation, or bringing order to chaos.

Anthony Glick

Anthony Glick

Philadelphia, PA

Anthony has been around schools in some capacity for most of his life, drawn by his love of reading, music, and learning.  He graduated from the Teacher Apprenticeship Program at Faith Builders and from Eastern University with a bachelor of arts in music. He finds great fulfillment in being part of the vibrant learning community at Philadelphia Classical School, where he is employed as gym teacher, choir director, and office assistant. When he’s not at school, he enjoys coffee and conversation with his wife Jessica, playing with his three children, composing and arranging music, reading and discussing books, playing basketball, running, and exploring his adopted hometown of Philadelphia.

Ryan Kimberlin

Ryan Kimberlin

Covington, TX

Ryan Kimberlin is a music educator and teaches full-time at Osceola Christian School at the 7-12 grade level; and is involved in the administration of the school. He has sung with Oasis Chorale, SCMC, Southwestern Singers, and Southwestern Master Chorale; and conducts Southern Singers and Texas Youth Chorus. He completed a Bachelor of Music degree from Southwestern Adventist University in 2020. Ryan and his wife Joyce have four children, live in Covington, TX, and are active members of Osceola Christian Fellowship.

Wendell Nisly

Wendell Nisly

Harrisonburg, VA

Wendell grew up on the plains of Kansas in a singing family and in a singing church. His first formal musical training was at Wichita State University, where he completed a Bachelor of Music Education degree. After teaching and conducting for a number of years, he moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia to complete a Masters in Choral Conducting at James Madison University.

He lives in Virginia with his wife, Jeanene. He is Executive Director of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp and artistic director of Oasis Chorale.

Nelson Martin

John Miller

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