Instructor Application

Instructors are key to making the vision of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp a reality: disciples whose music-making reflects Jesus. We look to instructors to provide skilled, Biblical training in music and worship for the “everyday Anabaptist.”  Our goal is to train our students musically, theologically, and philosophically. 

When you apply to be an instructor with SCMC, you are applying to teach at PermaCamps and/or Mobile Camps. Most instructors begin at the PermaCamps, and teach at Mobile Camps as they are available. For Permas, instructor assignments happen each fall as we make plans for the following summer. Mobile Camp assignments occur throughout the year as events are scheduled.


Job Description

SCMC instructors teach academic classes and choirs, and speak in chapels, depending on their areas of interest, experience, and training. Instructors participate in the entire camp day, including attending chapels, eating meals with the students, and being present and available throughout the day to interact with students and other instructors. Instructors also play an occasional support role, helping with student registration and other tasks as needed.


Professional Skills

  • trained musician
  • solid and growing pedagogue
  • competence in area of teaching interest

Personal Attributes

  • disciple of Jesus committed to Anabaptist values 
  • person of integrity who embraces our vision and mission, and demonstrates our core values


The Hiring Process


Read over the job description and core values.


Fill out an employment application. Contact us if you have questions.


Fill out an abuse prevention safety screening form, which includes your permission for us to run a background check on you.


Have an interview with us.


If you are hired, we will lead you through a training and onboarding process.


For your first PermaCamp assignment, we will aim to give you a reduced teaching load. After camp we will evaluate with you whether the position is a good long-term fit for both you and SCMC.

Note: Applications are due August 1 if you wish to be considered for the following year’s PermaCamps.

SCMC Core Values

SCMC has identified nine core values that inform everything we do: the classes we offer, the songs we sing, the chapel topics that are chosen, how classes are run, and so on.


We value music that is theologically sound and God-honoring.


We value music engagement that reflects a culture of excellence, giving our best.


We value music that is accessible to singers and audience, but also stretches them toward growth.


We value congregational music that is true, beautiful, and enduring; and congregational singing that is engaged and authentic.


We value a variety of music appropriate to the various community functions such as worship, classroom, choir, family, and personal use.


We value the collaboration of instructors and students around the common ground of God, music, and community.


We value instructors who are aligned to the vision and mission and core values of SCMC, and who demonstrate excellence in teaching and character.


We value education which leads to greater usefulness in and connection with the local church body.


We value new music informed by the best of centuries of musical heritage.

Instructor Core Values

Instructors are the ones who closely relate to students, and are absolutely critical to carrying out our vision and mission. We look for the following attributes in instructors.


Winsome Godliness

One of the best gifts we can give our students is a personal love for God and his Word that permeates our own lives, and overflows to those around us. We seek to live a life of integrity, wholeness, and beauty.



We strive to a high level of musicality and academics within the limitations of time and student capacity. We urge instructors to model excellent pedagogy in the classroom and rehearsal, and to employ both discipline and gentleness in classroom management and in the presentation of content.



Music-making always serves a larger purpose, whether noble or selfish. We seek to understand and teach how music and the arts fit into the kingdom of Jesus.


Servant Posture

The Lord of all the earth demonstrated a posture of deep humility, coming not to be served but to serve. We strive to serve the Lord and our students, not for personal gain or for the sake of being better than others, but so students may grow academically, musically, and spiritually. We want to commit to a “second mile” approach that goes above and beyond requirements.



We want to engage students with genuine care and kindness, taking time to interact with them both in and outside of class, giving not just our knowledge but also ourselves.



We value camaraderie over competition. Building collegial relationships with other instructors is a significant perk of camp. We encourage you to get to know each other professionally and personally, and hope your relationships will continue to grow outside the camp context.

Ready to apply?

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