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Music Camp is in need of an Administrative Assistant (male or female). This is a paid position with considerable responsibility. Computer, communication, and organizational skills, along with a vision for the work of camp, are essential. Become a part of a small, tight-knit team in a growing organization that is committed to skilled, biblical training in music and worship for the everyday Anabaptist.

The Job

The Administrative Assistant (AA) is formally an assistant to the Executive Director, but in reality the AA exercises considerable independence. This is an office job in Harrisonburg, VA, where the AA will become an integral part of a tight-knit team committed to “skilled, biblical training in music and worship for the everyday Anabaptist.” The AA will take that vision, and work it out behind the scenes in a myriad of ways that keep the many functions music camp running smoothly.

The Office

Music Camp “Central” is the organization that supports the PermaCamps (in Ontario, Ohio, and Virginia), organizes mobile camps, and provides a growing body of resources for churches, schools, and choirs. In addition to the Administrative Assistant, the Central team is made up of the Executive Director (Wendell Nisly), Bookkeeper (Jeanene Nisly), and Academic Dean (Regina Brubaker).

The Numbers

This job is not a voluntary service position, and has potential for a long-term “career” position. SCMC intends to pay a wage comparable to a similar job in the business world, including 3% matching IRA funding after 6 months. The work week is around 30 hours with potential for up to 40, depending on skill set.

The Date

Plan to join us for training in July or August 2023.

Skills Needed

Steps to Apply

Essential Skills

  • exceptional, caring customer service

  • desire to learn and grow

  • ability to work both independently and with a team

Task Skills

  • capable and comfortable with computer work

  • work in MS Office (Word, Excel) and email

  • capacity to learn a variety of online software and applications

  • knowledge or willingness to learn social media skills (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

  • a basic knowledge of music would be helpful

1. Fill out the application. (Click the button below to download the application.)

2. Send your resume to: [email protected]

3. Request a pastor, teacher, or employer to send a letter of reference. This letter could reference such things as your Christian walk, character, and qualifications.
Please send the letter to:
SCMC, 57 S Main Street, Ste 309 Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Or via email: [email protected]

Deadline for all to be submitted: March 31

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