Gathering to worship, learn, and reflect.

Biblical Commands, Talents, Worship

Speakers: Wendell Glick,
                  James Groff

A collage of talks addressing “What do we do with our talents?” and “How do we love God and neighbor” and “What is worship?”

Topic: "Music - Serving the Community"

Speakers: Lloyd Kauffman, Franklin Miller, Rick Bauman

"Worship Renewal"

Speaker: Wendell Nisly

A series of discussions about the role of worship in our individual lives and in church community. What is Biblical and how does that change my life?

Chapel Video Series

Chapel Audio Series

The Disciple-Servant-Artist: Music Making Disciples and Music-Making Disciples

by Wendell Glick

Ohio Camp

In the heart of Holmes County

Ontario Camp

A two hour drive from Niagara Falls

Virginia Camp

In the Shenandoah Valley

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