Halsey Mobile Camp

At Halsey Mennonite Church


Music Camp is coming to Halsey, Oregon!

When and Where

November 4-7, 2021

Halsey Mennonite Church
910 East 1st St
Halsey, OR 97348


Children (Grades 1-10) and adults from local churches

The community is welcome to attend evening sessions

Final Program

Sunday, November 7, at Halsey Mennonite Church

4:30 PM

  • Registration is closing at midnight on Friday night, 9/17.

Meet the 3 C’s of your learning experience:

Classes. Choirs. Chapel.

Biblical Challenge. Musical understanding. Choral training.



Rudiments 1: Notation – a study of the elements of basic notation, simple time signatures, note and rest values, and accidentals.
Rudiments 2:
Scales & Keys – a study of major scales, major key signatures, and compound time signatures.

Sight Singing

Sight Singing aims to help you read new music. Students learn various tips to help in sight reading, and have opportunities to practice skills through class exercises.

Sight-Singing is divided into Levels 12. You should choose the Sight Singing level that corresponds to your Rudiments class level. If at camp you find this is too high or low for you, you can switch classes.

Basics of Music

Basics of Music: Teaches the basics of notation and sight singing, paced for beginners. This class is intended for part-time students who want to make sure they get a solid grounding in the basics of music and who just want to take that class, or that class and a choir.

This class will only run if at least eight students sign up for it.

Congregational Workshop

This workshop involves practicing singing skills as a congregation. It will strengthen your congregation’s singing ability while introducing important musical concepts and hymn book skills that will help grow your church singing. All students will attend congregational workshops, which are also open to the public.

Leading Congregational Worship

This class examines essential components of leading congregational worship. It teaches practices of song leading and an understanding of leading in worship. Things you may learn are how to plan your worship, communicate musical ideas clearly, and use your hymnal. As this class specifically trains congregational leaders, it is open only to men.

Join the choir and experience the joy of singing in a group.
Students say it’s their favorite part of camp!
Choir is a fun way to put the things you’re learning in class into practice.

2 Adult Mixed Choirs

These are choirs with men’s and women’s voice parts. Each student will be assigned to a mixed choir.

Mass Choir

All students can participate in the mass choir, as well as community members who aren’t taking other classes.

Children’s Choir

This is for children in Grades 1-10.



Chapel is both a time of worship and a time to strengthen your ability to worship in singing.

In chapel, we reflect on the meaning of worship as it is taught in Scripture and we respond to God in love and obedience. At the same time we practice worshiping God. Chapels help to orient the focus of camp around what really matters: God’s presence and his kingdom.

These sessions are open to the public – all are welcome! 

Chapel: Thursday-Friday, November 4-5, 6:30 PM

Dress Code

Program Attire: Women, please wear black dress with black shoes. Men, please wear black pants, white shirt, and black shoes. Children, follow the adult guidelines. If black is unavailable, a dark solid is acceptable.


Questions? Need more information? Please contact:

Joel Schrock
[email protected]
(541) 619-6225


What ages can come to camp?

Children’s Camp: Grades 1-10

Adult Camp: Grade 11 – adult

Mobile Camps are for the entire church body, young and old, at any level of experience.

Can I come for part of the time?

You can sign up for just the classes you need, or come for the camp. If you take only one or two classes or choirs (like if you sign up for one class and one choir or for two classes), you will be charged part-time student price.

What meals are provided at camp?

Lunches, suppers, and a continental breakfast.

How much does camp cost?

Children – $50 (children from Lighthouse Mennonite School are covered by the school)

Full-Time Adult Student – $100 + textbooks

Part-Time Adult Student – $50 + textbooks

Only a choir – $25

Refunds are available through September 15.

How will I pay for camp?

You will pay right away in the application with credit/debit card, or with a check made out to:

Halsey Mennonite Church
PO Box 155
Halsey, OR 97348

Refunds are available through September 15.

Is any lodging provided?

Contact Joel Schrock if you need lodging.

Student Learning Files

Closing Program

All choirs will present the pieces they’ve learned. 

Location: Halsey Mennonite Church

Time: Sunday, November 7 @ 4:30 PM

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