Early Childhood Music

One of life’s beautiful gifts is hearing a young child tune over their toys making up text as they go—a gift rooted in a family’s atmosphere of sound and the heritage of song passed from one generation to the next.  During these significant early years, God is shaping a child’s life-long personality, gifts, and capacity for spiritual perceptions through stimulants from the home environment. In this class and the accompanying children’s classes, we’ll explore how God designed music to nourish the young years.

ECM classes meet daily Monday through Friday, and includes an adult class and three children’s classes.  Adult ECM tuition includes attendance at the daily adult class as well as participation in one of the three children’s sections (Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten).  Adults do not need to enroll a child to participate in ECM.  Adults with more than one participating child may purchase additional seats in any children’s section for $20 each.  Please note that ECM requires a participating adult (we do not have a program for children-only under age 7).



ECM is for any adults who want to explore song-making in a child’s early years and learn how God shapes a child’s life-long personality, gifts, and capacity for spiritual perceptions through music in the home.  This class will interest young adults, parents, parents-to-be, grandparents, and more.  The adult class will be a blend of lectures, conversations, and activities that highlight the beautiful nature of a child. Song-plays from the children’s classes will be evaluated for their benefit to a child.  Class participants will also receive additional enrichment resources to enjoy with children.  Adults are expected to attend at least one of the three children’s classes (see below).  Note that due to a scheduling conflict with the morning Mixed Choir rehearsal, this class is not available to full-time students.


ECM is also for children who are not old enough for Children’s Camp (under age 7) and are accompanying an adult student.   Three sections are offered daily based on the child’s development; see below for more details. Each child develops individually in coordination, emotion, sensitivity to stimulation, and social awareness.  Parents may choose the class that best fits their child’s development.  In all classes, activities will be suited to the nature and skills of the children present.   If you aren’t sure where to place your child, please contact registrar.ontario@musiccamp.infofor further assistance.


Child care is available at music camp from 9:30 to 12:00 for any children under age 7 who accompany an adult ECM student and attend one of the three children’s sections.  Adults will utilize child-care resources when they are in the adult class.  They may also use this when they are in a children’s class if they have other qualifying children of other ages who are not in that particular class.  (For example, a mother bringing a toddler and a kindergarten student will need child care for the kindergarten student during the toddler class, and for both children during the adult class.)

Registration for Early Childhood Music is open!

ECM Children’s Classes

Toddler Class

Suggested Age: 1-2 years old

Suggested age: 1-2 years old.  Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the entire week.  They will remain paired throughout the class activities.  Age-appropriate sing-play will build joyful memories with new friends.  This class overlaps briefly with the Preschool class in a time of joint sing-play.  (Infants are also welcome, with their own adult.  Adults with more than one child in this section must provide a responsible attendant for any additional children.)

Preschool Class

Suggested age: 3-4 years old

Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the first class, in the circle or observing alongside.  Adults are welcome the entire week, though after the first day they may choose how involved their child needs them to be.  Children will explore pitch and rhythm through language-based activities and happy game songs.  Children will have opportunity to develop social skills and tuneful singing.  This class overlaps briefly with the Toddler class in a time of joint sing-play.  (Adults with more than one child in this section do not need to provide additional attendants.)

Kindergarten Class

Suggested Age: 5-6 years old

Each child must be accompanied to class the first day by an adult to make initial introductions.  The adult may then choose to stay or leave, according to the needs of their child.  By the end of the week, the child should be able to sing-play independently.  They will participate in standing and moving group games, explore pitch interpretation, and find the beat.  This class will focus on developing artful, tuneful singing.   (Adults with more than one child in this section do not need to provide additional attendants.)


Monday - Friday

9:30-10:05Kindergarten Class
10:15-10:35Toddler Class
10:30-11:00Preschool Class
11:10-12:00Adult Class


What do ECM adult students do during the children’s sections?

The children’s classes are a valuable learning opportunity for adult students.  To maximize the benefits of the adult class, we encourage all adults to sit in one children’s section each day.  Adult interaction in children’s sections will vary depending on the age and comfort level of the children.   If you are accompanying a Toddler or Preschool Class child, daily attendance is required (not optional).  If you are accompanying a Kindergarten Class child, you will join their section for the first day; after that, you will be free to continue in their section or observe a different section.

May I enroll my child without enrolling myself in the adult class?

No; the children’s sections are not available as a stand-alone option.  They supplement the adult learning process by providing a place for guided adult-child interaction.  While we trust your child will benefit from time spent in class, the goal of ECM is to promote life-giving relationships between adults and children that grow beyond the immediate camp week.

Is it possible to be a full-time adult student and also take ECM?

No.  Due to conflicts in mixed choir (and possibly chapel), full-time students may not register for ECM.  If ECM is important to you, consider registering as a part-time student so you can select classes and choirs (and meals!) that do not conflict with the ECM schedule.

I am a Family Package Parent 2. May I take ECM instead of mixed choir?

Yes!  Please contact our registrar.ontario@musiccamp.info to make family plan class/choir adjustments.

Is any food provided with ECM?

A small mid-morning snack will be available for participating children.  Adult students wishing to have lunch at camp may purchase a weekly lunch plan at registration.  Lunch plans are available for ECM children ages 3-6 for 1/2 the adult price (children of ECM participants who are 2 years old and younger may eat lunch free).  All ECM children must eat lunch with their accompanying adults (no child care or assistance is available after 12:00 PM).

More questions?

Please contact registrar.ontario@musiccamp.info with your additional questions or to arrange a phone call.



Adult tuition is $95, which includes the adult class and one children’s class.  Additional children’s class seats can be purchased for $20 each.  Standard camp application fees apply.


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