Draw Near Video Lessons

Draw Near is a music curriculum for teaching the basics of reading and singing. Designed for church and school, it teaches reading shape notes and round notes side-by-side.

In this video series, watch an experienced teacher in a live classroom and learn how to teach the curriculum. Watch students and teacher engage in the joys of learning with all of its mistakes, misunderstandings, and light bulb moments.
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  • shape and round notes taught side-by-side
  • written and sung exercises strengthen understanding
  • songs and hymns demonstrate concepts and strengthen sight-reading ability


Draw Near teaches both the ear and the eye, so that students learn music both by singing and through written explanation. The videos demonstrate tried-and-true teaching techniques for less-experienced teachers to watch and implement. The two-in-one videos features teacher and students simultaneously. Videos model strategies and exercises featured in the Teacher's Guide.

What's included?

  • 10 videos, one for each lesson in Draw Near
  • 2 bonus videos
  • Index—each musical concept is linked to where it is taught in the video
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