Church Partnership Program


What is the

What’s the vision? 


We envision leaders (pastors, parents, song leaders, teachers, conductors) who understand music and worship through biblical lenses, and who can in turn equip those in their care.


We envision congregations deeply engaged in worship through scripture, singing, and prayer, who are becoming like Jesus through regularly hearing the story of God and responding in repentance, praise, and obedience.

How might this vision look in your church?


who are learning the basics of music and learning scripture through song


who understand biblical principles of worship and are equipped to sing and read a hymnal

Song Leaders

equipped to lead their congregations in meaningful worship.

What does SCMC provide to make this happen? 

For everyone

  • Inspiring, biblical worship resources and music

For children

  • Children’s Music – songs that tell the stories of the Bible

For song leaders

  • Online classes – training in musical skills and biblical understanding of worship

For congregations

  • Quarterly newsletters – keeps congregation in touch with SCMC, and provides inspiration and education in worship and music 
  • Annual Hymnal Supplement – newer music for church, children, and choir, with learning CD 
  • Weekend of Music – annual weekend of singing that encourages engagement in church singing, and provides a recording of music in Hymnal Supplement 
  • Congregational Weekend – optional teaching sessions in worship and music using our new church curriculum, Draw Near: Singing and Savoring the Presence of God 

What are our partner churches saying?


I like the emphasis of intentional worship as a way to bring thoughtful, purposeful and meaningful experiences. It’s great to have an outlet for musical training that takes some of the load off of individuals and congregations.”

As a congregation we have learned two songs, ‘Christ Has Died’ and ‘Seeds That Good Farmers Sow.’ There’s been good response there. Our boys sing them a good bit and I imagine the same in other homes.”


How much will my church actually benefit?

Everything we provide is optional. The benefits you realize are largely determined by how engaged the CPP contact and your church song leaders are throughout the year.  

What’s required of my church?

You will need to be one or two men to provide leadership, communicate with us, and help bring the congregation along. While we provide various resources and opportunities for you, each of them is optional. 

How much does it cost?

The Church Partnership Program is essentially an annual subscription. We want to partner with churches to work toward enthusiastic engagement in worship and singing. In turn, we need your financial support to make this ongoing work possible. 

You choose your level of support for camp. We suggest $1000-$5000 depending on your size and resources. You might want to pledge a certain amount, or lift one or two offerings a year. 

How long is the commitment?

Ongoing commitment to the CPP is from year to year. Our hope, however, is to build mutually beneficial relationships for the long haul, where over the years we are able to provide valuable support for each other.  

As you help financially support the work of Camp over the years, we hope to grow in what are able to make available to the many churches across the Anabaptist world. 

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