Certificate Program


Certificates are based on participation. All camps offer certification.

BASIC Certificate classes prepare individuals to function at a basic level of musical competence. Learn how to read music on your own, to contribute to congregational singing, and to understand the role of music in the church. 

STANDARD Certificate begins to lay a foundation for individuals to serve in their home community as song leaders, choir directors, or music teachers.  It is also helpful simply for personal development.


  • Learn about classes that can enrich and benefit everyday life.
  • Understand areas of specific focus for leaders in church music, school teachers, choir conductors, and composers.
  • Join the program to receive assistance in finding a pathway for personal musical growth.


  • Early application for students already enrolled in the program begins December 15, 2021.
  • Priority in choosing classes.
  • Assistance in signing up for classes available upon request.
  • Continued academic advising until the completion of one certificate.
  • A broadened and more rounded understanding of music.

Interested in joining the Certificate Program? You will have the option to sign up when you fill out an application for OH, ON, or VA camp.  The first year fee is $45USD/60CDN for BASIC and $65USD/85CDN for the STANDARD. The annual fee for the years until the certificate is completed is $35USD/45CDN.  You may choose classes yourself or ask for assistance.


Basic Certificate

Essentials for basic musical competence

  • Rudiments I-IV

  • Sight-Singing I-III

  • Choral Gesture or Leading Congregational Worship

  • Philosophy of Congregational Music or Hymnology

  • Participate in Mixed Choir twice

  • Participate in Mass Choir twice

Standard Certificate

Further enrichment for personal development or a specific area of service

  • All courses from the Basic Certificate

  • Functional Harmony or Voice Leading

  • Sight Singing IV

  • Participate in Mixed Choir one more time

  • Participate in Mass Choir one more time

  • Choose a concentration: select two classes not taken previously

    • Congregational Concentration: Hymnology, Leading Congregational Worship, Philosophy of Congregational Worship

    • Choral Concentration: Choral Arranging, Choral Gesture, Choral Rehearsal Techniques, Class Voice

    • Education Concentration: Elementary Music Education I, Elementary Music Education II, Secondary Music Education

    • Composition Concentration: Choral Arranging, Chromatic Harmony, Functional Harmony, Voice Leading

    • General Concentration: Building a Singing Culture, History and Appreciation, Any two classes not previously taken

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